Established 1971. We are a group of building maintenance professionals.



From 1971 – Our Culture and Achievements

Our hands-on approach gives us a flexibility which has allowed us to meet the needs of the times, throughout our history.

Being a truly client focused company and always thinking from your point of view means we propose the optimal solution for the situation at hand.

With pride in our work, we are able to supply the ultimate team to get the job done.

At SBMplus we have a wealth of knowledge and experience – a real “plus”.

President’s Message

Company Profile

/Our 7 “Plus S” Promises/

Plus Smile

We work with a smile – It’s one of our distinguishing features.

Plus Speed

Immediate response. Immediate action. This defines us.

Plus Spirits

We have pride in our work and know the value we bring.

Plus Simple

Understanding the essence of your needs, we are 100% focused on the problem at hand.

Plus Service

No hard and fast service menu – We have the flexibility to do what you need us to do.

Plus Standard

The latest techniques and technologies are our standard.

Plus Small

We offer the agility only a small company can bring.

/SBMplus Services/

Clean Dept.

Over 150 buildings managed city-wide

Cleaning services for residential apartments, office buildings, commercial buildings, etc. This includes regular cleaning services, scheduled cleaning, and special cleaning work. We look at the job from your perspective and deliver an environment both pleasing and safe for the people who live and work there.


ecolala – Cutting edge optical catalyst.

Responding to light, ecolala breaks down and removes toxins.
We use ecolala for anti-bacterial cleaning, removing odors, sick house syndrome, and other contamination problems.

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Ray Netz Shield

Leading Edge Nano-Technology - Ray Netz

Ray Netz Shield is a coating applied to glass window panes which blocks ultra-violet and infreared rays. Glass coating is maintaining your car brilliance and protect from scratches and dust.

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ECO Products

ECO Products

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Free Offer - Cleaning by our Experts!

We’ll clean the windows of your shop or office building entrance lobby for free! Details and extent of cleaning to be determined on inspection of the building. Contact us and let’s talk!

ESP Dept.

Apart from event planning and management, we have experts in the general maintenance, lighting and sound of amusement arcades and other such facilities, and can provide planning and operation services in these areas.

/Building Maintenance – Next Steps/

Consultation / Site Inspection

We conduct a brief site inspection and demonstration, and also a consultation where we sit down and listen to what you need.

Proposal / Quote

We put together a simple and efficient plan, using leading techniques and technologies.


We carry out the work with confidence and pride, and the agility only a small company like ours can bring.


With a smile, we’ll give you a report at the end explaining what has been done.